HR and project support

We provide support to the HR and Reward teams, general design and implementation of reward programmes throughout the organisation.

How can we help?

IPO preparation

We have significant experience in supporting companies through the remuneration implications of the Admission/IPO process, including the development of fit-for-purpose remuneration policies and practices and governance processes for the period post-IPO.

Pay benchmarking

Our proprietary databases cover the FTSE All-Share, AIM100 and ISEQ, enabling a quick and efficient turnaround of benchmarking analyses for all Board roles and for many below-Board roles.


We provide HR and Non-Executive Director induction sessions on remuneration matters. These are often part of the onboarding process, but can also be structured as ongoing education sessions.  We tailor these to be relevant to the client as well as covering wider market trends more generally.

New hires

We support our clients on remuneration decision-making as it relates to new hires, including evaluating and structuring buy-out awards.

Plan communication

We are experienced in drafting incentive plan handbooks, HR policy guidelines and reward statements.

Retention strategies

We provide advice on remuneration approaches to minimise flight risk.